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M y cousin has great changes coming 
One day he'll wake with wings * 




O.K. So when I was just sitting there wondering how nice it would be to get published, I thought it would be brilliant just to do it myself. These pages are the result of that brainstorm, or brain fart as the case may be.

It is just as amazing to realize all the junk you accumulate just by virtue of living for a reasonable length of time. So what are you going to do about it, I thought. Nothing - I thought some more.


It was then that it hit me right between the eyes that the Web is the virtual version of the proverbial American garage sale! You know . . . where you take all your stuff . . . spread it outside in your front yard  and allow strangers to paw through it all!

You call this a cat?




  • NEZBIT - Don't touch the pussy 
  • SAMPLES - Howie and . . . Willa-Jean 
  • PILOTS - What happens when man buys wings 
  • LIMEY - Spaz-kitty of Broad Ripple! 
  • UPSALA - The remains of the day
  • THE FARM - Belvoir Kennels and Cattery
  • SQUIDLA - Roadtrip redux - Oops, we did it again!
  • CINEMA - Not quite ready for Hollywood.

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